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Ellia Natural Cosmetics it’s a Cypriot based company formed by a Greek Cypriot couple. Their belief and their firm conviction for the effectiveness of their traditional materials from  their LOCATION as well as proven recipes through thousands of years of history, led them to the creation of Ellia Natural Cosmetics in 2012.

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Ηaving  Greek origins they were both influenced by the history of their ancestors and the history of their island who connected to Goddess Aphrodite, the  goddess of Beauty and Love that inspired them to start a research through time and history. A research for the Mediterranean nature which is so rich in herbs, flowers, and ingredients that their mothers and grandmothers used to heal and nurture their families.

Tracing back history they discovered how Ancient Greeks were using olive oil, that it was a treasure to heal and rejuvenate the skin. Olive Oil was so sacred in ancient times that it was used only to very specific purposes like worship to Gods, as a reward for noble actions, and as a cosmetic serum from the upper class of the times.

It was not an easy journey but with the cooperation of a Greek professional cosmetic laboratory, through trial and error and by improving and enriching their ancestors  recipes with 100% natural, non gmo, row materials they  have achieved astonishing results not only by helping women to remain young but also heal them from acne, eczema, hair – loss, balance oily skins, nurture dry skins and so much more.

Ellia Natural Cosmetics basic ingredient it’s pure organic olive oil. On this wonderful base Ellia’s qualified cosmetologist’s structures ingredients appropriate for any type of skin. Leveraging nature treasures like Helicrysum flower, Safron, st John worth flower,thyme, lavender, chamomile, rose hip,amamelis, almond, rosemary, pomegranate, sage, mind, Lemon verbena (Louisa), evening primrose, geranium, myrrh, myrtle, aloe vera, propolis and so many more that will balance also your energy levels. Rejuvenation starts from within!

Ellia Natural Cosmetics products are penetrating the deeper levels of skin as they are completely body friendly and pure natural ingredients that our body absorbs easily. By giving to yourself a natural treatment you prevent not only premature ageing but also have an over all healthy and well being life.

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